THE 1960’s

Fishing on the Fraser River

Pacific Salmon Industries founder Ko Sato fishing on the Fraser River in the early 60’s, on Scanner Enterprises namesake vessel – the Scaner.

The 1970’s

A Factory is Born

In 1974, Pacific Salmon Industries built its processing plant on its current 5 acre location in Surrey, British Columbia. Doing business as Scanner Enterprises, the facility has undergone extensive upgrades and additions in the years since.

The 1980’s

A Focus in Japan

A booming Japanese economy and our founder’s heritage meant that Pacific Salmon Industries became ideally positioned to supply fresh and frozen British Columbian seafood products to the booming Japanese market. Our processing expertise began to grow exponentially as more and more visiting technicians shared their experiences with core personnel that remain with PSI to this day.

The 1990’s

A time of diversification

The 90’s saw changes to both BC’s fishing industry as well as the export markets for its products – prompting PSI to diversify its offering of products to include imported and value added goods.  And so it began our unyielding desire to bring creative products and solutions to our industry. In our processing, we built the first brine freezing tank used for land freezing operations in North America – allowing us to freeze up to 1 million lbs. of roe herring per day. Our multi-awarding winning Taste of Canada brand was launched including our new Grande Gourmet product line that debuted with a never-seen-before oven ready coconut shrimp that was introduced to retailers throughout North America. day.

The New Milleneum

Finding our groove

As we continued to build around our core business of developing creative new products and providing exceptional processing services to a variety of customers, PSI has continued building a reputation as not only a go-to processor in the west coast seafood industry, but also as a can-do supplier of quality, innovative creative food products. The 2000’s has seen the launch of new brands, such as our Sato Asian Fare Asian themed products, as well as healthy new seafood alternatives such as our Gluten free products.

2010 and Beyond

An ongoing commitment

Whether responding to consumer demands such as gluten free and lower sodium recipes, offering complete traceability and sustainable seafood products, or making continual improvements to our processing capabilities and food safety regimes, our company remains committed to responding to the needs of our customers and our industry.

Simply put,
at its Best