Commitment to our Employees

An equal opportunity employer, Pacific Salmon Industries does its utmost to foster the skills and development of employees that will help them excel in life. As our most important asset, the health, wellness, and safety of our employees is of utmost concern. We firmly believe in the importance of investing in our employees, both by on-the-job mentoring as well as supplementary outside training. Our typical employee stays with us 60% longer than the national average. While we never cease to review how we can improve in all facets of our employee’s health and well-being, we are hopeful that our employees’ longer commitment to us is a positive reflection of our commitment to them.

commitment to our marine resources

At Pacific Salmon Industries we recognize that we are partners with the world’s oceans and marine life. To that end, we are not only an MSC and ASC certified company but we also adhere to a firm policy to never purchase illegal, unreported, or unregulated ( IUU ) seafood products. In addition, we follow all federal and international laws concerning procurement, labeling, country of origin, and traceability. Our customers can be confident that we will never knowingly violate these covenants or tolerate suppliers that do. Our international suppliers are held to exacting standards and are similarly required to maintain appropriate sustainability certifications – BAP, Global GAP, and ASC for farmed seafood, and MSC, FOS, certifications for wild seafood. To learn more of these standards and how they are ensuring the long term survival of our world’s marine resources please click through on the certification logos below.

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